BLACK SEA TOUR / 7 NIGHTS 8 DAYS / 2019 June, July, August, September 2019
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June, July, August, September 2019

Day 1: Depart - Amasra
We leave at 18:00 in the evening. We will be in Amasra in the morning with a nice trip and breaks. After breakfast (extra) we start our tour.

Day 2: Amasra - Safranbolu - Kastamonu - Ilgaz Mountain
After the breaks on the way, we reach Amasra by Mengen and Bartın in the morning. A few kilometers before reaching Amasra, we take a photo break in the place where Amasra was seen from a high place and Fatih Sultan Mehmet first saw Amasra and said al Lala Lala Çesm-i Cihan bu. We walk from the small harbor to the big harbor. Sorma Gir see the castle, drawers in the bazaar where the local wood and similar gifts are sold in the market of attractors. We take our lunch consisting of salad and fish identified with Amasra and settle in our bus and pass to Safranbolu. We start our trip in Safranbolu with a view of Safranbolu from the top of Hıdırlık hill, then we visit Cinci Han, Cinci Hamam, Kaymakamlar Mansion, Köprülü Mosque, Arasta Bazaar and other bazaars and then we go to Kastamonu. After our free time in the center of Kastamonu Yıldıztepe Ski Center we reach our hotel with its magnificent nature. Dinner and Accommodation.
If you wish, you can go to the summit with the cable car and have a nice time in the cafeteria or walk among the magnificent pines.

3 Days: Kastamonu - Sinop - Sinop Closed Prison - Samsun
After breakfast in Kastamonu, we see Taşköprü( Stone Bridge) and arrive Sinop. Sinop ravioli is the recommended lunch. After lunch we visit Historical Prison. Historical Sinop Closed Prison is a prison which was closed in 1999 and turned into a museum. The structure, which is based on the historical ancients, has been the subject of poems and songs. We see the Kotra atelier that is unique to Sinop and we move to Samsun.Samsun, Paris of the Black Sea and visit the newly opened Western park. In our newly opened park, there is a museum that tells about the Amazon Warrior Kadi guests can visit this beautiful museum. After a visit to the western park, we visit the Atatürk Monument and the Bandırma Ferry and then settle in our hotel. Dinner, accommodation in our hotel.

Day 4: Samsun - Ordu - Giresun - Trabzon - Surmene - Uzungol - Of
After breakfast, Ünye, Fatsa Ordu. We go to Boztepe with the cable car in Ordu and sip our tea while enjoying the magnificent view of Ordu. After this magnificent scenery and cable car trip, we arrive Trabzon.After lunch, we will visit the Atatürk Pavilion in Trabzon in the early 1900s, built by a Greek banker and presented to Atatürk by the people of Trabzon in the Republican era. After our trip to Trabzon, we will visit Tea Factory. After tea and local hazelnut refreshments, we give a shopping break. we will also visit the most famous Knife Making shope in Turkeye. We will make our way to Uzungöl, the most important destination of the Black Sea. Hundreds of years ago as a result of the landslide broken off the mountain of Haldizen Creek in front of a deep valley formed in the deep hiking around Uzungöl. We arrive the Hasdiköz Plateau by following the Baltacı Creek towards the plateau where we will stay.- KOLBASTI AND HORON

Day 5: Rize - Hopa - Borcka - Karagol - Batumi Accommodation
Our first stop is where Rize cloth is touched we will get information about this handicraft.We finish the Black Sea coastline and arrive Hopa.Our next stop is Karagöl, the important lake of the district. We will visit  National Park area, which is located in the foothills of Karçal Mountains with its unique natural beauty. If you wish, you can walk around the lake. After our tour of Karagöl, we take our lunch in our restaurant where we can go down to Borçka with our minibus and taste local dishes in Borçka, from ther we will take our way to  Batumi. We will see the Coruh River and reach Batumi.In Batumi we will vist Orta Mosque - Turkish Street - Europe Square - Medea Statue, Golden Post Statue, Poseidon Fountain - Piazza - Alphabet Tower - Reverse Restaurant - Ali - Nino Statue - Dancing Waters.Accommodation in our 4 * hotel.
- BATUM - Batumi Georgian Night: EXTRA (Imx Tour recommends )
Inportante Not:Everybody has to carry their Passport with them all the time

Day 6: Batumi - Hopa - Ayder Plateau - Zilkale - Şenyuva Village - Storm Valley - Trabzon
After breakfast we leave Batumi. we will drive along Çamlıhemşin with the magnificent view of the Storm Valley and arrive the Kaçkar Mountains national park Ayder Plateau.We take a photo break at panoramic points such as Kalegon, Gelin Tülü Waterfall and the magnificent view of Ayder Plateau. Plateau Waterfall, accompanied by the view of the walk we will complete the flora and fauna of the Storm Creek flora and the world's leading valley of the region's most delicious fish, such as trout, Muhlama and Laz spring rolls, we can taste the local delicacies of Pınar Trout. At noon, we settle in our Dolmuş and start a trip to Zilkale and Şenyuva Village. We take a photo break on Şenyuva Stone Bridge. After the visit to Şenyuva Village, the village seen in the Sevdaluk series, and after our photography break, we arrive at Zilkale. We are visiting this castle which resembles the Eagle's Nest, which was established at the top of a 100 m cliff and which was very important for the security of trade in the old times. From here, we will arrive the Polovit Valley with its dolmuşs and magnificent views of centuries-old trees and waterfalls.nest stop is Badara Plateau, which is famous for its green nature and clouds above the glacial lake. In the most beautiful scenery you can find in the Black Sea, you can take pictures while swinging. We see the Boxwood Forests, which are unique in the world.At the end of our tour we will arrive Çamlıhemşin with our minibuses and meet our bus.Ther for we will go to Trabzon. Accommodation and dinner at our hotel.Trabzon

Day 7: Trabzon - Sumela Monastery - Zigana - Tokat
After breakfast, Sumela Monastery, which is thought to have been founded by two monks, about 1500 years ago, within the boundaries of Altındere National Park. The monastery is located on the steep rock at the foot of the Altındere Valley. We can see the main rock church, chapel, kitchen, student rooms, guest house and library sections from the upper terrace. After our visit to Sümela Monastery, we have lunch break and tasting famous rice pudding on Zigana Pass.Accommodation and dinner in our hotel.- TOKAT
Day 8: Tokat - Amasya - Ankara - Didim
After breakfast, we take our way to Amasya. We will visit Amasya Archeology Museum which is the biggest mummy museum in the world. After visiting the sections of archeology, ethnography, fossils and mummies, we visit the Sultan Beyazit II Complex, which was a prince in Amasya and became the sultan of the Ottoman Empire. After seeing the plane trees used as lightning rods in the complex.Nest stop is Amasya is a city located on both sides of Yeşilırmak(greenriver).
Amasya; The 18th and 19th century mansions dating from the Ottoman period, along the Yeşilırmak as well as pearls are called as sea shells, the tombs of Persian-originated Pontus kings carved into the Temple of Harşena Mountain, Ferhat and Şirin legendary memorandum and why memorized in the park The Sultan will impress you with a visual feast that you will see that he has not broken his historical ties with the busts. After a walk in the princes' park, we will see the Hazeranlar Mansion by passing through the Low Bridge, which is built on the arches of the Roman period. Our retrum journey is start from Amasya , we will arrive Didim in the evening. 

* 6 Nights Accommodation in Hotels (3 *, 4 *, 5 * Boutique, Yayla Hotel Accommodation)
* 5 Dinner 6 Breakfast
* Transportation by Luxury Buses
* Batumi Transportation and Batumi Tour
* Environmental Trips / Compulsory Travel Insurance
* Guiding Services (Expert Guides of the Black Sea Region)
* All Lunches
* Batumi Dinner Batumi Georgian Night with dinner (Recommended)
* All Meal Drinks and expenses incurred in the hotel
* Dolmuş Fees + National Park Entrance + 2 Local Lunches (Total: 250 TL - Compulsory)
* Museum entrance fees - Ordu Cable Car Fee
* Overseas Exit Fund
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* Extra organized events are optional and not required.
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o * 6 Nights in Hotels (4 * Boutique, Yayla Hotel Accommodation)
o * 5 Dinner 6 Breakfast
o * Transportation by Luxury Buses
o * Batumi Transportation and Batumi Tour
o * Sightseeing / Compulsory Travel Insurance
o * Guidance Services (Expert Guides of the Black Sea Region)


o * All Lunch
o * Batumi Dinner
o * All Meal Drinks and expenses incurred in the hotel
o * Dolmuş Fees + National Park Entrance + 2 Local Lunches (Total: 250, TL - Compulsory)
o * Museum entrance fees - Ordu cable car fare
o * Overseas Exit Fund